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Coastline Surveys Ltd provides professional independent marine data acquisition, interpretation and consultancy services world-wide from operating bases in Suffolk and Cornwall. Our highly qualified and versatile team of scientific and industrial specialists provides the complete service from field operations to consultancy needs.

Coastline Surveys Ltd regularly participates in marine surveys associated with port development, dredging, marine mining, construction and industrial monitoring compliance projects. Scientific research and policy development relating to coastal zone activities is also undertaken in association with national governmental organisations.

Coastline Surveys Ltd owns and continually invests in new technology and has lead the development of several novel data acquisition techniques tailored to specific Client needs.

Integration of data with management structures has led Coastline Surveys Ltd to develop graphic visualisation techniques in reporting to display multidisciplinary geoscience data in a format that non-specialist decision-makers can quickly assimilate.

Hydrographic Surveying

As the number of potentially conflicting activities increase in the Coastal Zone, so has the need for precise and accurate mapping of seafloor morphology and sub-seabed structures, combined with metocean parameters, become more imperative. Routine surveys are undertaken for geological and biological identification using a diverse suite of survey techniques including bathymetry, sidescan sonar, magnetometer, shallow seismic profiling, video imaging, metocean measurement and analysis combined with seabed sampling by grab and core techniques.

Environmental Monitoring

Coastline Surveys Ltd regularly formulates and undertakes surveys and research programmes monitoring the effects of coastal zone activities using multifaceted physical and biological techniques. Our resource base enables the Group to formulate and review Terms Of Reference and Environmental Impact Statements that are pertinent and realistically attainable, whilst fully supporting the principals of BATNEEC (Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost).

Cables, Outfalls & Pipeline Route Surveys

Coastline Surveys Ltd has successfully developed unique inshore and inter-tidal survey techniques and equipment to efficiently assist the offshore survey industry when faced with the challenge of acquiring data in the highly dynamic coastal zone. These techniques have received widespread support from the industry and they are constantly updated to meet increased precision requirements and challenging work site locations.

Marine Resource Prospecting & Management

Competent and cost-effective development of continental shelf marine minerals requires an integrated approach to prospecting and interpretation following a clear resource management strategy. The Coastline Surveys Ltd provides a comprehensive service from desk studies, field work and the evaluation stage through to production and extraction management over the life cycle of the resource. This includes field studies; resource analysis; reserve estimation; and addresses issues such as the impacts of extraction on benthic resources, archaeology and natural processes. The integration of field data to produce a 3D representation of the resource significantly adds to the overall interpretation of the exploitation process. This approach enables a series of different criteria to be evaluated against the model, resulting in the determination of the likely economic reserves to be recovered under a range of extraction regimes. From these outputs the development of strategic policies for Client and Regulatory Authorities can then be formulated to successfully integrate a multitude of seemingly disparate activities within the coastal zone. The team has extensive long-term experience of European marine resource management and has been involved in the development of effective and practical regulation and monitoring programmes for both Governmental and industrial partners.

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